Becoming a Pilot: How to Become One? Conditions and Salaries

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Piloting is one of the most attractive professions with both a job description and earnings. Of course, in addition to the advantages of the job, there are also difficulties. Here are the details;

Due to the current economic conditions, there is a great interest in professions that earn a lot. Because in this era, a person should either be the one who is wanted, or he should ensure his material well-being by starting his own business. At this point, the increase in the number of people who say they want to be a pilot attracts attention. Piloting is among the coolest and highest paying professions in our country as Decently as in the whole world.

In order to decide whether piloting is as attractive as it is thought, it is necessary to pay attention to some points. First of all, you should understand that business does not consist of making pleasant trips above the clouds and making money with a sack.

Who is the Pilot? What Are Their Responsibilities?

The person who is responsible for safely flying passenger, cargo or personal aircraft or helicopters is called a pilot. In addition to being able to work in the civil or military aviation sectors, there are also those who fly for hobby purposes.

Flights are usually led by two pilots, one of whom is the command pilot, the captain, and the other is the second pilot. The captain is in charge of the flight systems, while the second pilot communicates with the air traffic controller. Some flights may have three or four captains.

When it comes to the responsibilities of the pilot, it is seen that there are many obligations. For example, the pilot must be sure of all information about the weather, passengers and the aircraft.

Ensuring that the fuel level balances economy and safety, making sure that all systems are working Decently, and working in coordination with the cabin crew are also among the responsibilities.

Keeping the aircraft’s logbook up to date, creating a flight plan, writing a flight report at the end of the trip, studying the weather before the flight, checking the loading are also among the duties that the pilot should perform.

I Want to Be a Pilot, but Am I Ready for This?

It is an undoubted fact that piloting is a prestigious profession. However, you should know that besides the high income potential and advantages, there are also difficulties.

You should think in detail whether this job is the right profession for you. Otherwise, you may be among those who say goodbye to their aviation career before they can Decamp and become a pilot. Because many people want to pilot because of the high salary, the attractive opportunities it offers and the charisma that the profession is famous for.

However, behind the apparent; There are disadvantages such as a very tiring job, a lot of stress and longing for family. In addition, piloting is a profession that requires lifelong learning.

Are you ready to become a pilot?

Are-you-ready-to-become-a-pilot Becoming a Pilot: How to Become One? Conditions and Salaries Commodity Economy Life
Are you ready to become a pilot

In other words, there is no rule that you can continue your profession throughout your life just because you have received your pilot’s license once. Since you will be subjected to tests at regular December, you have to constantly refresh your knowledge.

In addition, you October obligatorily say goodbye to the profession in the event that you have a problem with your health. It is also a different matter that you are responsible for the lives of hundreds of people.

And there are countless more difficulties like these. That’s why; you should be sure that this profession is your true passion and you should set out by risking to endure its difficulties.

How to Become a Pilot?

First of all, you should know that there are different ways to become a pilot. Such as military, civil aviation school or paid pilot courses! However, no matter where you prefer, being young enough to be a pilot will help you a lot in achieving your goal.

On the other hand, according to the legislation, although graduating from high school is enough to receive flight training, bachelor’s degree graduates are considered more fortunate. Because some flight schools accept only bachelor’s graduates. Being a university graduate also allows you to be 1 step ahead of your competitors when starting a business.

In order to become a pilot, you can enter the pilot training license programs, as well as choose private flight schools that provide pilot training between 18 and 24 months. Dec.

If you choose these schools and successfully complete the training, you will be entitled to receive a PPL (Private Pilot License).

  • To get a single-engine aircraft driver’s license, you must take 165 hours of ground lessons and 40 hours of flight. Then, if you take the exam called control flight and pass, you can fly Cessna type airplanes.
  • After you have earned the right to take the ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot) license exam, you will move on to the other stage of training. At this stage, you will take 823 hours of ground lessons and fly 160 hours.
  • After receiving your PPL license, you will take the exam of 14 courses at the General Directorate of Civil Aviation and if you achieve 75% success in all of them, you will receive your ATPL Frozen certificate.

Then you start Type training and receive simulator training according to your preference. After passing this stage, he enters the cabin as the third pilot, after completing the 100-hour observation process, 2. you start as a pilot.

Your ATPL Frozen certificate becomes an ATPL after 1500 hours of flight and you become a co-pilot. After completing 5000 hours of flight, you are eligible to become a captain pilot.

As a result, we focused on the answers to the question of how to become a pilot in outline. However, you should remember that you need to do more detailed research in order not to regret it later.

Requirements for Becoming a Pilot

Requirements-for-Becoming-a-Pilot Becoming a Pilot: How to Become One? Conditions and Salaries Commodity Economy Life
Requirements for Becoming a Pilot

Now let’s talk about the conditions of this attractive profession for those who ask if anyone can become a pilot.

1. Education!

It’s like you have to love the training life to be a pilot. Because in order to get this attractive job, you must have sufficient knowledge in many areas such as basic physics, mathematics, meteorology, aircraft systems, navigation, regulation, physiology.

So if you don’t like working and learning, you should reconsider your idea of becoming a pilot once again.

Hundreds of people hurt entrusted pilots, air motion science, meteorology, air traffic control systems, aircraft’s technical regulations and should have enough information until you get to the required position.

2. Fluent English!

English Decency is also among the requirements to become a pilot. And you have to realize that this is not so-called knowledge of English.

If you already try to become a pilot with a crackling knowledge of English, you will remain from the exams you took at the beginning of the road, you will have to end your adventure earlier than you expected.

Or, if you are determined to pursue a career in this field, you will study ICAO Aviation English before starting pilot training and bring your knowledge of the language to an adequate level.

3. What Do I Need to Graduate from to Become a Pilot?

According to the Civil Aviation legislation, a high school diploma is enough to receive flight training. However, when looking at airline businesses, it is seen that mostly university-graduated pilots are preferred.

In other words, pilots who have graduated from high school have a much lower chance of being employed than undergraduate graduates. Therefore, nowadays it makes much more sense to get a pilot’s education after studying at the university. It is also worth saying that the technical department graduation is more advantageous for candidate pilots.

4. To Be Healthy!

To become a pilot, you need to prove that you are healthy both mentally and physically. For this, you must take a series of tests and obtain the requested health report. Jul. To put it more clearly; you must have a valid first-class medical certificate issued by the The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

5. Money!

The training you need to take to become a pilot and the tests you need to take are worth a small fortune. So if you want to Decamp between the clouds, you should know that you will need thousands of pounds for your education. Moreover, we know that many students are taking out large amounts of loans for this reason and getting into large debts.

As already mentioned on the The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)’s website, the fees that must be paid to have an airline pilot Decency (ATPL) license are around $75,000 on average, although they vary between schools.

Besides, this is only the average price. Because there may be differences between the prices. Dec. For example; some schools include the fees for books, materials, tests and similar things in their prices, while others ask for extra fees for them.

In addition, some schools undertake to issue licenses no matter how long the student’s education lasts. However, it later turns out that this covers a certain flight time. Taking all this into account, you should give preference to the best flight school, not forgetting that you will pay a fortune to become a pilot.
Tip : Of course, don’t forget that you can get pilot training with a scholarship by working hard.


6. The Age Limit For Becoming a Pilot

The minimum age to get your pilot’s license in the United States is 17, and there is no maximum age to become a private pilot. However, airline pilots in the United States currently have a mandatory retirement age of 65.


How Much are Pilot Salaries?

How-Much-are-Pilot-Salaries Becoming a Pilot: How to Become One? Conditions and Salaries Commodity Economy Life
How Much are Pilot Salaries

Pilot salaries vary according to the standards set by private airline companies. Nevertheless, the salaries given in domestic-based airline companies are more or less at the same levels. Different standards are applied in foreign-based airlines.

The lowest starting co-pilot salary in America is 82.000 USD per years, the highest co-pilot salary is 114.000 USD per years. The lowest salary of a pilot who has just started working in the United States is $ 125,000 per year and the highest is $248,000. The biggest factor in determining the salary is the pilot’s flight time and his score in the scoring system.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Pilot

Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a pilotlet’s also talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the piloting profession. Because those who want to do this job think only about the good sides of flying these huge planes. That is why, aware of both sides of the coin, you should make your decision and regret it later.

Advantages of Being a Pilot

Advantages of being a pilot the main advantages of being a pilot are as follows:

  • When considering the advantages of this profession, the first thing that comes to mind is the fact that pilots travel a lot. In other words, if it suits you to see new places, to go to different parts of the world, you can enjoy the work you are doing.
  • Having people around you who are in the same way of thinking as you is another advantage. Because both pilots and cabin crew are people who act with the same motivation in general. After all, it is very difficult to meet a large number of people who love their work in other sectors.
  • Meeting people from different cultures will develop you in many different ways, broaden your perspective.
  • Of course, the financial return of piloting! As a result, you will have an income above the standards in piloting, and you can continue your life in prosperity. Retirement conditions are also good.
  • Bringing work home is something pilots almost never do. Apart from the necessary trainings and preparations for the tests, the pilots leave their jobs behind their doors and return home.
  • Although some pilots say otherwise, those who practice this profession do not have to endure long and exhausting working hours compared to many other employees. Already, according to the rules, a pilot cannot exceed the maximum number of hours he can work, even if he wants to.
  • Pilots travel for free or at reduced rates. They can also benefit from facilities such as hotels and car rental services with the same rights.
  • Everyone knows that piloting is a charismatic profession. Also for enthusiasts, let’s note that pilots have had the opportunity to meet many celebrities throughout their lives.
  • While working, seeing the world from a bird’s eye view, witnessing the sunrise and sunset are among the advantages of piloting. Dec.
  • Irregular working hours are a big advantage for some. Because working 8-5 every day is like torture for some. Pilots, on the other hand, do not have to endure such monotony. Sometimes they go to work in the middle of the night, sometimes in the middle of the morning. Sometimes they fly for 2 and sometimes 8 hours. But this situation is definitely a privilege for those who do not like routine.
  • Thanks to the universality of the profession, you can choose to work abroad if you wish. Thanks to your licenses such as PPL, SPL, CPL, ATPL, you can work in an airline company of a different country.

Disadvantages of Being a Pilot

After learning the disadvantages of the profession, it is up to you to weigh them.

  • The number of hours pilots work may vary depending on the company and the pilot’s experience. But you should not forget that most of those who practice this profession are far from home, longing for their family.
  • Due to irregular working hours, you may not be able to be there for your loved ones on good or bad days. You may miss your child’s birthday, or even receive bad news from a loved one while you are in a different city or country.
  • You should also keep in mind that pilots are regularly trained and undergo some tests December. If you fail the tests, you will be banned from the profession.
  • If you are a pilot, naturally; you should stay away from bad habits such as alcohol and drugs. Among the tests already done is to determine whether you are using these substances.
  • The fact that piloting is a stressful job is also among the disadvantages Dec. After all, it is your job to ensure the safety of hundreds of passengers as well as the control of a multi-million dollar aircraft. You have to be really successful in stress management, not to lose your composure in case of any problems.
  • It is among the professions that do not forgive mistakes, such as piloting, Decommissioning. When you are in the air, you are responsible for the lives of hundreds of people along with yourself.
  • Although there is no written rule on this subject, pilots eat different meals as a precaution against food poisoning. So 1. if the pilot is taking the a menu 2. the pilot should prefer the b menu. In addition, let’s say that piloting may not be suitable for those who cannot give up the pleasure of listening to music while working. As a matter of fact, listening to music in the cockpit is prohibited.
  • The cost of being a qualified pilot is also among the Decimations.




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