Getting Free Clothes in Pubg Mobile

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Getting Free Clothes in Pubg Mobile has been wondered by many people lately. In this article, I will show you in detail. Before proceeding to our article, don’t forget to check out the Game category where you can get a Pharaoh set for free, a Free Pubg Account, a Free Pubg UC and more. We publish content on our site exactly the way you want, and in this article, How to Get the Pubg Mobile Free Outfit you want so much? we will answer your question and show you How to Buy Clothes for Free. Here are the Details of How to Get Clothes for Free…

As you know, recently there was a hike in the affected UC prices. Currently, Pubg Mobile UC Prices have increased significantly. Therefore, we will show you how you can get UC for Free, we will show you this. Then, with the Free UC you have received, you can open a Safe in the game and own Clothes. November.

How to Get Pubg Mobile Free Clothes?

Getting Clothes for Free from Pubg Mobile is quite simple, but you need to try a little. First we need to Earn UC in a Free way to buy Clothes. Then we can open the safe with the UC we have bought for free and take out November Clothes. In order to get UC for free, we will take advantage of the advertising rewards made by the brands with which Pubg Mobile is contracted. As you know, Akbank, one of the banks operating in Turkey, has launched the Tosla card, a prepaid card, in the past years. As you know, Pubg UC is being sold in Tosla Mobile application. In this video, we will complete the tasks given by Tosla and Earn Money from Tosla, and then we will get Pubg UC for Free with the money we have earned from Tosla. If you want, you can withdraw this money to your own bank account,

Papara Account, Ininal card, Paycell Card or other accounts. If you want, you can take a Tosla card for free from the Tosla application and withdraw this money from your tosla card or spend it in grocery stores and on the Internet. In addition, we can also get UC for Free from the Nays Application established by Iş bank, whose name we have often heard on social media recently. The application that we can get the most free UC among these applications is the Nays Application, which is the application established by Iş Bank. Dec. Here are the details of How to Get Free UC.

How to Get Free UC in Pubg Mobile with Nays Application

The Nays Application, which we have often heard about on Social Media recently and is used by many people, is one of the applications where we can get UC for Free from Pubg Mobile. Now I will tell you in detail.

Nays application was established by Iş bank and is a completely reliable application.

Thanks to the campaign made by the Nays Application, we earn a reward of 1 usd per person for every friend we invite to the application, and we can get Pubg Mobile Free UC with these rewards. If you want, you can also spend the money you have earned normally in your real life. Whether you want to spend the Prize Money you have won with the Nays application or you can withdraw your money Free of charge 24/7 from BBVA ATMs.

Tosla Pubg Mobile Get Free UC

Getting UC from Tosla for Free is very simple and practical. You just need to complete the tasks that Tosla has given you first. So how are we going to complete these tasks? How can we get UC from Tosla for Free?
  • What we need to do first is to log in to the Tosla mobile application;
  • Then let’s log in to the campaigns menu in the Tosla application,
  • After logging in to the Campaigns section, we log in to the “Invite your friend with Tosla earn money” Section.
  • You can join the campaign from this menu, and the Campaigns menu will create an invitation link for you, and then it will give you this invitation code.
  • After receiving the invitation code from the campaigns menu, you can invite your friends to the application and earn money separately for each incoming friend.
With this money you have earned, you can get UC for Free from Pubg Mobile if you want, or you can get an e-pin from another game if you don’t want to.
If you don’t want any of them, you can withdraw the money you have earned and spend it in your normal life.

Hopi Pubg Mobile Get Free UC

Another way to Get UC for Free from Pubg Mobile is Hopi. There is a campaign that the Hopi application has done just like Tosla. In order to get free UC from Hopi, we need to do the same operations that we have done in the Tosla application.
However, there are many differences between Tosla application and Hopi application. Dec. Hopi does not give a reward in TL. If you invite your friends in the Hopi application, you earn Hopi Money. With these coins you have earned, you can do any grocery shopping, Pubg mobile, etc. if you want. you can get UC for Free for other games. You can invite as many friends as you want in Tosla, but you have the right to invite a maximum of 3 friends in the hopi application, and you also earn 5 coins for each friend. In other words, you can earn a maximum of 15 coins in total.
If there is a place you don’t understand, or if you can’t despite the information we have given above, ask your question in the comment section, we will be happy to help you.
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