How much Mbps do I need for Twitch?

The primary concern. Proficient gamers need a web association that ensures speeds something like 6-8 Mbps to give fans a great streaming encounter on Twitch, with higher velocities suggested for more excellent settings and data transfer capacity above.

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In this article, we tell you “How much Mbps do I need for Twitch?”, one of the most used game broadcasting platforms in the world, spends and how many mbps internet is available.

Twitch, owned by Amazon, the largest company in the world, is one of the most used streaming platforms by gamers. The Twitch platform, which offers high-quality broadcasts, offers players and publishers a fun time. But since the Twitch platform offers very high quality broadcasts, and the video type consumes a lot of internet, your internet can go quickly.

Unlike other social media platforms and platforms like YouTube, Twitch consumes slightly higher amounts of your internet. Assuming that you are watching Twitch broadcasts in 480p quality and 60fps, this means that you will spend an average of 700 MB-1.3 GB of internet per hour.

If you want to watch higher quality broadcasts, you will need to increase your internet a little more. 1 hour of Twitch broadcasting at 60fps in 720p quality will consume approximately 1.4GB-2.1GB of your internet.

Twitch Resoulution Twitch Bitrate (Mbps/s) GB Data Per Hour Min Time to 1 GB Min Time to 5 GB
240 p 500 .225GB 4hr, 25min 22hr, 5min
360 p 600-800 .27-.36GB 3hr, 42min 18hr, 30min
480 p 900-1200 .405-.54GB 2hr, 27min 12hr, 15min
720 p 1800-2500 .81-1.125GB 1hr, 13min 6hr, 5min
1080p 3000-3500 1.35-1.57GB 44min 3hr, 40min

So, assuming you regularly use the Twitch platform and watch broadcasts, you will need a lot of internet. If you watch 720p 60fps broadcasts for 1 hour a day for 1 month, you will have about 54 GB of internet. If you are using unlimited home internet, 54 GB will not be a problem for you since there is no fair usage quota anymore. But assuming you are using mobile data, it is very difficult to survive on mobile data for 1 month, even if you only watch Twitch broadcasts.

On the other hand, for those who like to watch higher quality broadcasts, 1080p 60fps broadcasts will consume 2-3 GB of internet on average. The internet spending rates we have specified are calculated on an hourly basis. In addition, these are the average amount of internet spent by people who use Twitch. It may vary for you, but the data will still be close to the data in this article.

How many pixels can Twitch broadcasts be watched with mobile data?

If you are watching Twitch broadcasts with mobile data, it will be better for you to watch the broadcasts in 360p or 160p quality. Because it consumes very little internet compared to high quality broadcasts. For example, watching a 1 hour Twitch broadcast at 160p will consume your internet between 100-200MB, while watching a 360p broadcast will consume an average of 250-500MB per hour. This is quite good for friends using mobile data.

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