How to Open iPhone Storage Space?

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Nowadays, users are experiencing great difficulties when it comes to opening iPhone storage space. Probably the mass iPhone users who suffer from this trouble. There are two reasons for this situation, firstly, as you know, opening Iphone storage is more difficult than Android, because on Android devices, memory can be increased in an external way, such as an extra SD card. This puts iPhone users back a click. Another reason is that the prices of devices with high storage space at Apple are high.

Opening up iPhone storage space

Therefore, if we say that many iPhone users have experienced problems with this issue at least once during the time they use their phones, We probably haven’t made a very inaccurate estimate. In fact, this problem is caused by an iCloud etc. It is possible to solve it in a simple way by taking a cloud storage service. However, due to both the material aspect and security doubts, some users do not prefer this method.

How to Open Storage Space on iPhone?

If you are using your iPhone very intensively with limited storage space, then it is quite likely that the storage space will be full. You can increase more storage space by removing some of your videos, photos, or apps, but there are smarter ways to do this.

To open a storage space, you can follow these ways;

Increase Storage Space by Uninstalling Apps

You probably hardly use some of the apps on your iPhone at all. You pay for many games and applications that you have not opened and used for a long time with the storage space you want to open. Therefore, it is best to use the applications that you really need.

Especially, uninstalling the same applications in certain categories is of great importance for increasing storage space. For example, use Apple’s built-in app for weather information. Do not use a second weather app. Or don’t have multiple photo editing apps.

In addition, you can easily increase your storage space by enabling the automatic removal of apps that have not been used for a certain period of time that come with iOS 11.

Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage menu and tap the Enable option opposite the “Delete Unused” suggestion under the “Suggestions” heading.

Delete Chat Messages

Many people, especially if you are regularly texting by sending photos or videos, it is a fact that Decisively the Messages application will attract among the applications that occupy iPhone storage space. There is no sense in keeping junk messages in the Whatsapp and message (SMS) box, so get rid of them will help you in freeing up space.

To see how much storage space the Messages app occupies, go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Messages.

Especially if you regularly send and receive videos and photos from the Whatsapp application, it is likely that the application will occupy a large amount of iPhone storage space. It will be good for you to delete unnecessary photos and videos by checking your WhatsApp chats.

You can delete all chats from WhatsApp > Settings > Chats menu or you can easily clear all chat content.


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