Internet News Removal, Content Removal

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It is possible to define the concept of removing news from the internet or removing content from the internet as a legal opportunity for the removal of broadcasts made on the internet that may be against the law.

Broadcasting via the Internet is a broad definition and includes news on internet news sites, comments on various dictionaries, forums, social media sites, etc., where users can also produce content. This and all similar issues in the internet environment, covering the contents and reaching an indefinite number of people, include internet publications. It is possible for these broadcasts to be the subject of news removal or content removal from the internet, under certain conditions.

Example of Petition to Remove News from the Internet

Those who want to remove a news on the Internet must first reach the person who made the post and ask him to remove the post. In cases where no results can be obtained in this direction, legal proceedings are initiated. An example of a petition to remove news from the Internet; It should be filled out by a lawyer who is specialized in this field. The shares that are the subject of the complaint should be included in the request. Twitter, Facebook or related web page posts; should be included in the petition. Evidence must also be included in the petition.

It is Possible to Collect The Methods of Removing

It is possible to collect the methods of removing illegal broadcasts made on the Internet in 3 groups as in the law:

  • Violation of personality rights via internet broadcasting
  • Violations of privacy through internet broadcasting
  • Some violations of content that constitutes a crime through internet broadcasting

What can be done in case of violation of personal rights through broadcasting on the Internet?

If people whose personal rights are violated via the Internet cannot reach the content provider and the content provider, they can apply to the hosting provider and request the removal of these contents. Within 24 hours, these providers are obliged to respond to the request of the interested parties. With this method, in cases where the content is not removed, negative response is given or no response is given despite the warning, persons whose rights have been violated can apply to the criminal judgeship. Again, although not going to the direct warning method, people whose rights have been violated have the right to directly apply to the criminal judge for the removal of news from the internet or the removal of content.


What can be done in cases where a person’s private life is violated by means of broadcasting on the Internet?

Again, the content of audio images, photos, video conversation recordings, etc. belonging to people. personal data without the consent of these people, various news, forums, dictionaries, etc. It can be published via internet broadcasts and the violation of the privacy of private life is on the agenda. In this case, in addition to the right to file a criminal complaint, individuals have the right to take legal actions such as requesting the blocking of access to the content by applying directly to the Authority to remove these contents.

How can content that violates personal rights or privacy of private life be removed from social media sites such as Instagram,Twitter, Facebook,Reddit etc.?

As we mentioned, the content on such sites falls under the scope of publications made on the internet, so you can report a violation of rights by following the instructions on such social media sites (Instagram,Twitter, Facebook,Reddit etc.) within the scope of the warning-remove method we have summarized above, and request the removal of the content.

It is also possible to follow the necessary legal procedure to prevent access to the relevant content.

How-can-content-that-violates-personal-rights-or-privacy-of-private-life-be-removed-from-social-media-sites-such-as-InstagramTwitter-FacebookReddit-etc. Internet News Removal, Content Removal Commodity Economy Life
How can content that violates personal rights or privacy of private life be removed from social media sites such as Instagram,Twitter, Facebook,Reddit etc.

Google News Removal

The news that is requested to be removed from Google must also be removed from the relevant website. It may be possible to access the news deleted from Google search results and cache through the site in question. In this context, it is known that it will not be a useful solution to request the removal of news about people, institutions or any services from Google search results.

Google Content Removal

Google content removal; possible if necessary applications are made. The most important way to remove unwanted information from Google search results is to contact the owner of the website that published this information. If the owner of the website removes this content, it will not appear in Google search results.

Google News Feed Removal

People or institutions must have really justified reasons for Google news feed removals. Otherwise, this request cannot be fulfilled. In addition, Google does not directly remove content. If the administrator of the relevant website does not remove it, the news continues to appear in Google search results.

Deleting News from Newspaper, Removing News

Deleting and removing news from the newspaper is also an important part of the online reputation issue.

Since there is no news that is online and shared in the form of a link here, although it is not possible to remove a news that is broadcast at the moment, it is possible to take measures by spreading it later.

In order to remove news from newspapers, you should get support from America’s leading law firms. You can get support from relevant companies in removing all kinds of negative content in news sources on behalf of you or your company and replacing them with new and correct news.

In case all kinds of images such as movies, videos, sound recordings, photographs, which are reflected as negative and bad content, are presented in a way that can create a negative perception in news sources, law offices serve with expert lawyers in order to prevent all these situations.



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