New Details About Overwatch 2 Announced

Overwatch 2 Coming Free to Play on October 4,2022

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Blizzard has revealed new details about the long-awaited Overwatch 2. The sequel will be released on October 4 as free-to-play.

Blizzard shared new details about the highly anticipated sequel, shortly before the Overwatch 2 release date. The company announced that all Overwatch players will have access to the old characters, while new players will have to put in a bit of a sweat to unlock these heroes.

New players will start Overwatch 2 with a limited number of game modes, heroes, and some other restrictions. These players will need to win 50 quickplay matches to unlock competitive mode and complete around 100 matches to unlock all 32 of Overwatch 1’s available heroes. Meanwhile, in-game chat and other features will be activated quickly when the game becomes available.

Overwatch 2 Coming Free to Play on October 4,2022

Overwatch 2 Free to Play

Quick play matches usually last about 10 to 15 minutes for free play. That means it takes around 20 hours of gameplay to unlock Tracer, Genji, and the rest of the characters. The first game released in 2016 had a price of $60 as it was classified as AAA. However, Overwatch 2 will be free to play. The sequel, which comes with a brand new battle pass system, will not include any loot boxes.

Other new features that Blizzard announced include a new ping system to help players communicate without using chat, machine-learning voice transcriptions to detect offensive player behavior, and more security options for player accounts. With the release of Overwatch 2, Overwatch will be removed from all platforms. Blizzard, which pulled the original game from sale, instead redirects users to the $40 Watchpoint Pack, which includes the old game and provides an easier transition to the new one.

NVIDIA 517.48 WHQL Driver Released with Overwatch 2 Support

Game Support

Overwatch 2 optimization.
DLSS support for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Problems Solved

Advanced Optimus: Brightness adjustment not applying correctly on certain Lenovo laptops in dedicated GPU mode.
Advanced Optimus (Windows 10): On certain laptop configurations, the “NVIDIA GPU only” option setting reverts on system reboot.
Microsoft Flight Simulator (DirectX 12): Texture corruption after long gameplay.
Adobe Illustrator: Pixelated images when Ray Tracing is used with Reduce Noise.
Windows 11: Chaos Vantage fails to start when NVLink is enabled.
Windows 11: Some UWP apps show lag when G-Sync is set to “Enable G-Sync for windowed and full-screen mode” and changed from the default “Vertical sync”.
Adobe Photoshop: Random crashes on DirectML.dll.
Fusion 360: Performance issues when using variable refresh rate monitors.
Jurassic World Evolution 2: Shadow flickers in the game.
Bug check message with code “0x116” when playing video in browser.
Native resolution not showing on Samsung U28R55/ ASUS VG249Q1A monitors.
Incorrect statements appearing for NVIDIA Control Panel -> Manage 3D Settings -> Shader Cache Size in German language.
External displays connected to certain Razer laptops via USB-C/Thunderbolt ports/hardware are not detected.
Reallusion Hub: Application crashes on startup on a system running 32+ logical processors.

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