Prokat 2660 Boat Reviews

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The biggest of the Prokat series here in the UK so far is the 2660 Walkaround. This is a big league boat, but this type of craft is being purchased by anglers nowadays who are looking for a big boat to fish far out to sea with, but also one that can accommodate the missus in some comfort, and that’s exactly where this big Kat is pitched to sell.

The Prokat 2660 has been a big success out in the USA where she’s built, sales being based on her high performance hull, on the careful consideration of space within the cabin, and on the high standard finish achieved on these craft, plus proven reliability. We put her through her paces on a sunny day with lightish winds after a good blow had passed through out from Milford Haven, and even managed a little fishing from her.


Starting with the main cabin the helm is on the starboard side and features a stainless steel round wheel, with the throttle positioned at a comfy height to the right side. The double helm seat is deeply upholstered for maximum comfort with a comfy backrest and two foot rests.

Instruments are positioned in front of you and easy to read while underway. There is plenty of room on top of the steering console for all your electronics, with a switch panel to the left and room to mount your VHF flush in the left side of the console.

prokat_26600_console Prokat 2660 Boat Reviews Fishing Boats Fishing Tips
Prokat 2660 console

I like the little touches these American built boats offer like the bottle holder that sits just rear of the throttle and the bait tray boxes by the helmsman’s right leg, and the canopy strip light for maximum helm position illumination. A neat touch! The wind screen goes fully around the helm position and is strong with an alloy frame and also gives excellent all round visibility. To the far port side of the helm position there are two small shelf areas for bits built in to the cabin side, with a pull out tackle drawer at the bottom.

Prokat 2660 Main Cabin

Access in to the main cabin is through a hinged door with a lift up closure flap at the top and down two steps. This gives a wide area to walk in to the cabin through, but maximum privacy when sleeping aboard. Inside the cabin you have two twin bunks, okay with the kids aboard, but you’d need to be pretty friendly if bringing your mates aboard for the weekend. There are also storage lockers under the double bunk and a shelf storage area towards the bow.

prokat_2660_beds Prokat 2660 Boat Reviews Fishing Boats Fishing Tips
Prokat 2660 beds

The Cabin Area

The cabin area also sports a good sized shower with wash basin and electronically pressurised water system and flushing toilet, this on the starboard side of the boat. There’s also a sink on the port side of the cabin as you enter and room for a small galley to the starboard side.

The cabin also features cabin lights and sky lights for light input. This area is well upholstered with the walls and ceilings being adorned with a thick grey/cream material that looks very smart.

Just to the rear of the helm seat you have a built in 40 gallon live well tank, plus two locker units. There are cushion kits for the top of these to turn them in to a two man seat.

Deck Area

Out on deck you have two flush mounted insulated fish lockers for fish storage, these fitted with emaciators designed to break up fish bones and skin etc. The gunnels are recessed giving room to store deck brushes, gaffs etc, well out of the way. The gunnels are also upholstered on the top inside for additional comfort when leaning against them. There are flush mounted rod holders positioned at both stern corners and in the middle of the gunnels. The deck is self draining and carries a good non-slip stippled finish.

At the stern you can fit additional jump seats for added seating, and there are battery lockers at each side of the transom. A marlin door opens in the middle of the transom for access to the stern and the huge splash well. The stern carries a stainless steel dive ladder and has big T cleats at each side for tying off.

Access to the bow is via a step up off the deck. A stainless steel safety rail runs from the cabin rear edge all the way round the bow, plus you have big T cleats either side of the cabin for tying off.

Bow Area

The bow section sports a big anchor locker surrounded by a large flat working area making it easy to work up front, and there are fairleads at each side, plus a big T cleat for anchoring to. Pride of place goes to a huge stainless steel bow roller at the bow.

The cabin area is protected by a substantially built stainless steel frame and canopy. This carries the steaming light, a forward facing bow working light,  VHF aerial and also a 5 type rocket launcher rod holder at the rear. The nav lights are positioned low at the bow, but Howard tells me that being as I keep harping on about this, in future he will fit the nav lights high up on the main frame for better night visibility.

Other features include a deck wash and 100 gallon fresh water tank. The boat is very well finished throughout, well designed and with careful thought to maximise space.


Easing out in to The Haven the boat settles easily in the water at low revs, but then gun the throttle and the power comes in immediately without hesitation. She’s up at cruising speed almost instantly.

prokat_2660_PERFORMANCE_flyby2 Prokat 2660 Boat Reviews Fishing Boats Fishing Tips
Prokat 2660 Performance


The test boat was fitted with twin Honda 200hp 4-stroke units. Heading in a straight line I found she was cruises really easily at around 22-knots and will burn an economical 3 gallons per hour per engine at this speed. Shove the throttles forward and we achieved 38mph at 500RPM and flat out at 6000RPM she’ll do close on 40mph. There was a good swell left after a blow and pushing her straight in to the deepish swells the hulls cut through the water like butter giving an ultra smooth ride with no water reaching back on deck.

Pushing the boat across the waves at an angle the bows just cut through water again with no perceptible stutter, just a clean slice through. Turning the boat at speed through a tight turning circle the level of the boat stays the same. She does not lean hardly at all in mid turn. At the helm the ride is comfy, very smooth and with little hull noise evident, nor is there any vibration feedback through the feet from the deck when stood on deck and travelling. Having fished off the boat she is totally stable on the drift, as well as when anchored. She is the perfect fishing platform with masses of deck room available.

prokat_2660_PERFORMANCE_flyby1 Prokat 2660 Boat Reviews Fishing Boats Fishing Tips
Prokat 2660 Performance flyby


Things I’d Change

Once Howard Williams has put the nav lights high up on the canopy frame for me, I can’t pick anything else. She’s American… They always build ‘em right!

Overall Conclusion

Those with the budget to afford this type of boat will be hard pushed to find a better thought out boat. She is roomy, easy to work and fish from, has all round helm vision for docking and mooring, plus has a high performance for her size and weight, but with economy.

Another big advantage is that she is a good looker and sure to be a big hit with the lady in your life.

She’s ideal for far offshore fishing over wrecks and when sharking or reef fishing, but also has the comfort to wile away the weekend in a marina sipping Pimms if that’s your thing.

Statistics For Prokat 2660 

Total Length: 27ft
Beam: 9ft 2ins
Draft: 13ins
Weight: 5,100lbs (without engine)
Engine Size: Max 500hp
Fuel Tank: 250 gallons approx



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