Saltwater Spinning Reels For the Beginner Fisherman

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Saltwater spinning reels under $100 can be divided into two categories, there are fixed and reel mounted. With the fixed reels you have the choice of having either a self balancing spool or a spring loaded spool. The spring is operated through a pinion or rack bearing set up to keep the spool aligned with the rod. Self balancing spools need no further alignment as the spool itself keeps the bearings perfectly balanced. The pros of owning these reels are that they allow you to cast a wider variety of fishing weights and will give you much more consistently in your casting. The cons of owning these reels include; needing to purchase a new reel to catch the new size fish, the pins or bearings may need to be replaced from time to time.


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The next type of spinning reel in the UK is the drag system. This type of spool also has an internal spool similar to that of the fixed style but has its own drag system that allows it to cast wider and straighter. The drag system uses graphite or a similar material to propel the fishing line through the spool. The pros of owning this type of reel are it makes your casting range better, the drag system gives you control over your casting, it makes reeling in much easier and will reduce the chances of losing your balance while casting.


Another consideration when purchasing spinning reels UK is the tensioner. The tensioner is what allows the spool to stay open as you cast. The best spinning reels for sale will have a removable tensioner so that you can adjust the tension as you feel you need to. This should be adjustable so that you do not have to constantly adjust the tension as it may be tight on one cast and loose on another. Also check to see if the tensioner locks in place at all. Some people like to lock the tension on the tensioner so that they do not have to manually crank the handle to get it open.

Saltwater Spinning Reels For Sale

The next thing you want to look at when searching for spinning reels for sale UK is the drag system. The drag system will either have ball bearings or a journal driven system. Ball bearings will give you very little spin as the teeth are small. They are good for beginners, as they are easy to use and do not require a lot of attention. A drag system on the other hand will give you more power and a more consistent cast.


The spinning reel that most top anglers swear by is the Shimano FX max drag. This is considered by many to be the ultimate spinning reel. It has an impressive quality built into it, and is available in both reel styles, big match and small match. The Shimano fx max drag is able to cast much more consistently than other spinning reels, which can be attributed to the high level of quality that goes into the construction of this reel.

The last spinning reel we will discuss is the cs4 spinning reel from Shimano. The cs4 is best suited for beginners who may be using the Shimano fishing reel for the first time. The great thing about this reel is that it has great quality, and is very durable. In fact, it can last longer than many spinning reels with a higher gear ratio.

A Good Saltwater Spinning Reel

The best saltwater spinning reel to use for beginners is the Mitchel 300 from British Swimming Rods. The Mitchel has a modern design that makes it suitable for the beginning fisher. The spinning arms of this reel are made out of graphite, which is a strong but light material. The Mitchel 300 has a big and comfortable button style bail, and a big wheel with six well oiled gears and a rubber cover to keep your feet comfortable on the deck.


The next three pros are the reel from Sriwak, the Kona Poker reel, and the Sougayilang fishing reel. The pros of the reel from Sriwak are that they have smooth and fast spinning action. The con of the Sougayilang fishing reel is that it has slow spinning action. The pro of the Kona poker is that it has stainless steel bearings that are durable and quiet to operate. The last two pros of the pros is that they have ball bearings in them, and the second pro is that they have rugged plastic casings that make them more rugged and resistant to abrasion.


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