The Most Effective Worm Rig

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In this article I’m going to outline the most effective worm rig that I’ve ever come across. The rig was introduced to me by my fishing ment

or more than 25 years ago, and has been working like a charm ever since. In my opinion, everyone who fishes with worms (either live or synthetic) should use some variation of the worm rig that will be outlined in this article. I’m going to outline the rig that I personally use for worm fishing while wading in either rivers or streams, but as I said this rig can be easily modified for still fishing, bobber fishing, and even trolling. Once you begin to use this rig and learn the nuances, you will undoubtedly be a much better angler.

Much like with any fishing technique, there’s simply no substitute for practice. Nothing will help you master this worm rig like spending time on the water using it. That’s good news though, if you’re anything like me and would rather be fishing than doing most other things anyway. So read this article, employ what you learn, and start catching more fish, it’s as simple as that.

There is one caveat that I need to make you aware of before we begin though, and this goes for those of you who will use this rig in the flowing waters of either rivers or streams. Getting snagged is simply part of the technique, so don’t let it frustrate you. It happens, and many times quite frequently. As my mentor used to say, “if you’re not getting snagged, you’re not fishing in the right place.” Keep that quote in mind, as you learn and use this deadly fishing technique. Getting snagged is simply part of the deal (at last as far as rivers and streams are concerned).

The-Most-Effective-Worm-Rig The Most Effective Worm Rig Fishing Equipment Fishing Tips
The Most Effective Worm Rig

Top Secret Worm Rig

The last thing to keep in mind in reference to the most effective worm rig is that you should be using fishing line that’s as light as you can get away with. For example, when fishing for most species of fresh water fish (in river and stream scenarios) I personally use four pound test. Any fishing line heavier than six pound test (except for steelhead and salmon fishing) is complete overkill. My point is that most any freshwater fish that you fish for with worms can be landed on four-six pound test. The lighter your line the less visible that line is to the fish, and thus the more bites you will receive.

Now to the actual worm rig, that’s so effective. Start by grabbing the end of your line and tying on a small barrel swivel (size 10 or 12 will usually suffice). Now tie on a set of ready to fish gang hooks. Split shot sinkers are now added for weight above the barrel swivel, and a worm (either live or synthetic) is added to the gang hooks. The goal when fishing rivers and streams is to have your offering ounce off of the bottom as it flows naturally with the current, so cast out, close your bail, and follow the worm with your rod tip as it flows downstream.

 The Best Way To Fish a Worm

This is the best way to fish a worm, and as I said before, this rig can be easily modified for many different fishing scenarios. One last thing. Always make sure that you’re fishing when the fish are the most active by paying attention to the weather and moon. This will make the most effective worm rig even more effective.


Good Luck…

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