Twitter Circle

Twitter introduced Circle, which it announced as the new way to tweet, for everyone...

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With Twitter Circle, people will now have the flexibility to choose who can see and interact with their content based on Tweets.
Sometimes you just want to talk on social media with people of your own choosing and determination. That’s why Twitter created the Twitter Circle, a new way to Tweet to a smaller audience.

With Twitter Circle, people now have the flexibility to choose who can see and interact with their content based on Tweets. This will make it easier to have more intimate conversations and establish closer connections with certain followers.

Twitter started testing Twitter Circle in May, and the feedback it received was overwhelmingly positive. Twitter offers this highly requested feature worldwide on iOS, Android and it is available to everyone in the.

Choosing your environment

Before sharing on Twitter, you will see an option to share your Tweet with your circle or your full list of followers. Circles can contain up to 150 people, and you can set who is inside and who is outside at any time. Don’t worry, no one will be aware of the changes you have made in your environment.

Tweets sent around you appear with a green badge underneath them. They can only be seen by the people you choose to be around and cannot be Retweeted or shared. Also, even if your Twitter account is public, all responses to surrounding Tweets are private.

Personalizing your Twitter experience

Twitter wants to ensure that everyone on Twitter has the option, control, tools and transparency to participate in the conversation whenever and however they want, and the Twitter Circle is another important step in this direction.

Giving people the option to share their thoughts with a specific group of followers helps to make Tweeting more accessible. Whether you’re new to Twitter or have millions of followers, it’s true. Since the feature started being tested, people have been sharing how it helps them personalize their Twitter experience:

● Feeling more comfortable tweeting and expressing themselves

● Eliminating the need for alternative or secondary accounts

● Sharing content with a close and developing group of friends

● Avoid switching between protected and public account settings Decoupling

Some of the results of the Twitter Circle test include:

● Increased public Tweeting (both inside and outside of circles)

● Increased Tweet engagement rate in Environmental Tweets (likes and replies)

Twitter is also committed to incorporating feedback from trusted partners and online safety experts, including the Twitter Trust and Safety Council, into the products and features we build. These groups regularly highlight the importance of online customization tools in helping people express themselves freely online.

So what happens next?

Twitter will continue to observe how Circle works and explore ways to make it even better. For October’s additional features and tools that allow you to use Twitter on your own terms, Twitter says stay tuned.

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