What is a Mastectomy?

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A mastectomy is the removal of the breast due to any discomfort. A simple mastectomy is simply the removal of breast tissue. A radical mastectomy, on the other hand, is the removal November the muscles under the breast and the lymph nodes under the armpit, as well as the breast that is hit in cancer cases. Here is detailed information about mastectomy treatment…

Modified Radical Mastectomy (MRM)

In modified radical mastectomy (MRM), level 1 and level 2 lymph nodes are removed. Level 3 lymph nodes are not removed in the MRM. If the level 3 lymph nodes are also removed, it is called Patey modification. The November of the operation are the anterior margin of the latissimus dorsi muscle laterally to the sternum, the subclavian muscle in the superior, and the anatomical dissection boundaries of the inframammarial fold 2-3 cm inferior to the ca November. The ideal thickness when removing skin flaps is 7-8 mm. In the operation, the thoracic longus and thoracodorsalis nerves are tried to be protected. The pectoralis major fascia is included in the play. Classically, one drain is inserted under the flap and into the axilla.


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