Meta Quest Pro VR Glasses 2022

Meta Quest Pro price was announced as $ 1,499

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Meta Quest Pro was introduced as part of the Meta Connect 2022 event. Facebook, which changed its name to Meta at last year’s event, introduced the next generation virtual reality glasses at this year’s Meta Connect 2022 event.

While the company turns its direction to metaverse technologies, it also produces virtual reality augmented reality headsets.

In this context, Meta Quest Pro glasses were introduced.

Meta Quest Pro Price And Features

Meta-Quest-Pro-Price-And-Features Meta Quest Pro VR Glasses 2022 Games Life
Meta Quest Pro Price And Features

Meta Quest Pro price was announced as $ 1,499. When we compare it with the previous generation devices, we see that the price tag, which is around 300 dollars, has increased 5 times due to the new features, sensors and cameras added. Returning to the stage towards the end of the Meta Connect 2022 event, Mark Zuckerberg introduced the new Quest Pro VR headset. Compared to its predecessors, we see that many improvements and improvements have been made on both the headset and its controllers.

Introduced by CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself, Quest Pro has a weight of 722 grams. The glasses with a wireless control equipment carry sensors to analyze the external environment. Meta used the Snapdragon XR2 Plus processor in the new generation AR/VR glasses. The glasses also have 12GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage.

The glasses, in which two 1800×1920 pixel 90 Hz LCD screens are used, offer a maximum of 2 hours of wireless use. When used wired, it is stated that it works 50 percent better than the previous generation Quest 2.

Meta Quest Pro Features:

  • Meta Quest Pro Processor: Snapdragon XR2
  • Meta Quest Pro Display : Two 1800×1920 ppe (pixels per eye) LCD
  • Meta Quest Pro Memory: 12GB RAM
  • Meta Quest Pro Storage: 256GB memory
  • Meta Quest Pro Other Features :
  • Motion tracking cameras and sensors
  • Rechargeable sensor controllers

Sense Of Touch And Ability To Understand Facial Expressions on Meta Quest Pro

Sense-Of-Touch-And-Ability-To-Understand-Facial-Expressions-on-Meta-Quest-Pro Meta Quest Pro VR Glasses 2022 Games Life
Sense Of Touch And Ability To Understand Facial Expressions on Meta Quest Pro

Meta Quest Pro, which allows the environment to be seen when attached with camera systems, also enters the augmented reality side here and can place virtual objects in your environment. The product, which can track eye and facial movements with the sensors inside, can transfer them to your virtual avatar. The title, which has been carefully prepared for the future of Metaverse, which Meta attaches great importance to, comes with a special charging unit.

Completely redesigned controllers with more precise and improved touch-based feedback make every move in VR feel more natural to the user. The device with eye tracking technology can also detect facial expressions, that is, while the user’s avatar connects with people in the virtual universe by reflecting facial movements in detail, the person opposite can see the user very closely.


Collaborate With Microsoft For Metaverse

Moving from the fact that Metaverse cannot be built by a single company, Microsoft President and CEO Satya Nadella and Accenture President and CEO Julie Sweet also attended Meta’s conference alongside Zuckerberg to announce new partnerships in this field.

In this context, the partnership between Meta and Microsoft was officially announced, emphasizing that Meta Quest Pro was designed with business in mind and aimed to bring Microsoft productivity tools to Meta Quest devices and Meta work experiences.

Accordingly, these applications will include Microsoft Teams for Meta Quest, Microsoft Windows 365, Microsoft 365 application experiences, Microsoft Teams/Workrooms integration, Microsoft Intune and Azure Active Directory support, and Meta Avatars in Microsoft Teams.

Meta also announced that Quest for Business, the subscription package for Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro, which includes key administrative features such as device and application management, will arrive next year.


Pre-order Meta Quest Pro

Available Pre-order today at

Pre-order-Meta-Quest-Pro Meta Quest Pro VR Glasses 2022 Games Life
Pre-order Meta Quest Pro
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