7 Tips For Opening A Successful Etsy Store

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If your product photos are ready and you have set your prices, opening a shop for Etsy sales is actually a process that takes about ten minutes. Both in the Etsy Turkey Facebook group and in other forums on the Internet, from time to time, “I opened the shop, but what am I going to do now?” or ”I’ve uploaded so many products, but I didn’t think about it, I need to start all over again,” we read annoying articles like. If you haven’t opened a store or created your brand strategy yet, welcome to our comprehensive article on How to Open a Successful Store on Etsy

1. Understand Very Well What You Can And Cannot Sell.

Remember that the Etsy platform consists of handmade, handmade materials or vintage products, and the most sold products are also these categories.
Handmade products are products made or designed by the seller. Handmade products do not cover the resale of a product, that is, second-hand products, and you need to disclose all the production partners that you use in production. The only product category you can sell second-hand on Etsy is “vintage”. Which we also call antique, not second-hand 🙂
Vintage products, as we mentioned above, are products older than 20 years. New production products with a retro look are definitely not considered vintage!
According to Etsy, craft materials are ”tools or materials whose primary purpose is to be used in the construction of an item or special case”.

Be sure to check Etsy’s rules when logging in to Etsy.

2. Photos Will Make Or Break Your Etsy Store

Finally, for store owners on Etsy, high-quality product photos are absolutely vital to the success of any Etsy store!
Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of online sellers compared to physical stores is that customers cannot touch the product before buying, they cannot make a purchase decision by trying the product on them.

You don’t need to be a professional photographer. But for the optimal level, you can pay attention to the following: Make sure that your product is located on a background that is not too noisy and in the focus of the image, when using appropriate light, it is one-on-one with the reality of the product, and the image reflects the product. Good news! Etsy allows you to upload 10 photos for each product. Use all your rights and never hesitate to upload 10 images. Add the most beautiful photo of the product to the cover and show the product in different positions, different areas of use, different people and different angles. Because many of the products sold on Etsy are handmade, etc. since this is the case, the customer audience will want to see all the details about the product they will receive. Now we’re going to give you a small but impactful tip: Did you know that you can add product videos on Etsy? Yes! Etsy also allows you to add product videos. 🙂 Attract your product to your potential customers with all its reality nowadays, when dynamic and real content becomes very important.

Remember: 90% of Etsy shoppers say that photo quality is “extremely important” or “very important” for a purchase decision.

3. Buy A Set Of Products That Are Compatible With Each Other In Your Store.

Buy-A-Set-Of-Products-That-Are-Compatible-With-Each-Other-In-Your-Store 7 Tips For Opening A Successful Etsy Store Economy
Buy A Set Of Products That Are Compatible With Each Other In Your Store

Remember, Etsy is not a platform like Amazon or eBay. You should not have a incompatible and mixed store consisting of mixed products from each category. The products you sell in your store should share a common theme, purpose, design and aesthetics. Although the elements are different from each other, they should create harmony as a collection and work together. Pro tip: Capture the feedback your customers give you well. They can make evaluations about the product that they consider incomplete or that they think would be good if completed. According to these evaluations, accessories, etc. you can diversify your store with products that will not disturb harmony, you can make improvements that will move you up.

4. Use The Power Of Pinterest To Direct People To Your Store

Pinterest is a must-have social media channel, especially for Etsy. While other social media platforms are more about chatting, socializing and content, Pinterest is all about inspiration, creativity and visuals. It is a wonderful treasure trove in which people are looking for ideas for their homes, wardrobes, hobbies and life, experimenting with construction methods, recording.
The secret is not to create or pin your own theme-based Pinterest boards that only highlight your product, of course. It is also to participate in the existing Etsy Pinterest boards, where various sellers share each other’s materials to create publicity.

5. Treat Your Customers Like You Treat Your Close Friend

Many of Etsy’s most successful sellers are those who are able to build healthy relationships with their customers and potential customers.
So how to become one of these sellers?

Respond quickly to messages.
Join the conversation on social media.
Create a post-purchase “thank you” message to buyers.
Use the first singular “I” or first plural “We” language in product descriptions and in the About section of the store.

Etsy is a loyal community, and sellers can successfully manage customer relationships by treating customers the same way they treat their friends.

6. Keywords Are Really The Key

How-do-you-get-your-product-listings-to-the-top-of-the-Etsy-search-results 7 Tips For Opening A Successful Etsy Store Economy
How do you get your product listings to the top of the Etsy search results

How do you get your product listings to the top of the Etsy search results? Dec.
Keywords, keywords, keywords!
When a potential buyer searches for a product on Etsy, the platform matches their search with keywords in the title, tags, attributes, and product listing categories.
The key for sellers is to use the same keywords everywhere!
But how will you know which keywords to use?
This is very simple. There are many keyword finder tools that will help you discover the keywords that buyers use to find listings similar to yours. Nevertheless, the keyword tool that we can recommend and where you can find what you want: Marmalead. Start using it and see the difference 🙂 Dec

7. Use Seasonality To Your Advantage

Be sure to follow the annual holiday schedule and try to add a seasonal touch to your store every time it’s convenient.
So what kind of touch?

Add new products for certain seasons that will not spoil the ambience of your store.
Update your keywords.
Change your store banner, cover photo and messages.
Offer seasonal discounts.
Check out Etsy’s constantly updated season tips for top trends, keywords, and specific holidays.
When you examine Etsy in detail, you come across many product groups that you find close to you and that you think you can sell. We have also compiled the best and most popular product categories to sell on Etsy for you, as well as up-to-date tips and resources that you absolutely need to know to make your store a success.

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