Fillet Knife Blades

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A fillet knife is usually a kitchen knife specifically used for fillet fishing. It helps in fillet fishing and provides good control over fillet. It is an extremely versatile member of the fillet knives family which is particularly used to fillet and prepare seafood. Generally fillet knives sale are restricted at big fish stores, but you may be able to get a good deal from auctions and garage sales. Fillet knives blades are generally approximately 15 inches long.

Filing a Fillet Fish

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Fillet Knife Blades

Filing a fillet fish is very different from cutting other types of fish. It requires a lot of skill and technique and therefore it makes sense to purchase fillet knives for sale from a recognized fillet supplier. It makes sense to purchase a boning knife made by a reputable company, as there are many different types of boning available in the market. Most boning is made from steel or aluminum but carbon fiber, bone, plastic and carbon fiber are also used. The fillet supplier will help you choose the best type of bone for your fillet.

Filing kitchen knives can be quite a chore and take up quite a bit of time too. This is why it is important to find fillet knives for sale that have top quality blade. You should purchase a fillet bladed by a renowned fillet supplier that has been in the business for a long time. You can look for some ratings on the internet and see how customers experience the company in terms of customer service, quality of product and after sale service. Do not compromise with the quality of fillet knives for sale while purchasing online. Make sure you pay for the best value for your money.

Fillet Knives vs. Fillet Slicers

Most people make the mistake of confusing fillet knives with fillet slicers. There is more to a fillet knife blade than a blade. While both can be used for fillet fishing the actual process is very different. Fillet knives are primarily used to cut fish on the upper portion of the fish. The fillet knives blade is curved to fit the contours of the fish and should only be used to cut through the flesh of the fish and not the gills. Fish fillet knives can be very useful for those people who like to fillet fish very small fish such as roe, shad and salmon.

Boning knives, on the other hand, are sharp stainless steel blades that are used for thin fillet fishing cuts. Some fillet knives can be used both as boning knives and fillet knives too. The fillet knives with bone blades are specifically designed for fillet fishing where the fillet is cut through the gills. They may also be used as a substitute for the bone blade when fillet knives are being prepared for boning.

How Do You Pick a Fish Fillet?

Filing tools include a fillet knife and boning knives that are attached to a filing cabinet. You would use these files to file your fillet in different directions depending on the thickness of your fillet and the consistency of your meats. File folders can be very helpful if you want to preserve the original shapes of your meats. They are very easy to use as they only need to be turned on their side and filed by turning. Like boning knives, they are mostly used for thin cuts or fillet frying.

  • Fresh fillets should have firm flesh and red blood lines, or red flesh if fresh tuna.
  • Good quality, fresh white meat fish is moist, no cracks in the flesh, somewhat opaque, and has a fresh clean smell.
  • An adult should always supervise young anglers as they learn to fillet.
  • Neat, trim fillets with firm flesh; Fillets should be firm and closely packed together, not ragged or gaping ; Smoked Fish.
  • Skin the fillets by placing skinside down and turning the fillet so that the narrowest side is towards you.
  •  Position it on a cutting board with its back towards you.


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