How To Access Blocked Websites On A Computer Or Mobile Device

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In our to Access Blocked Sites from Computer article , we will explain the programs and methods you can use to access blocked sites . The reason for a website to be banned may not be just because of illegal broadcasting. In some cases, legally broadcasting sites may also be closed when they receive complaints. In our contentAccess to blocked sitesafter talking aboutAccessing Blocked Sites Without Installing VPNWe will try to explain the topic.

There are many different methods you can use at the Entry to Restricted Sites point.VPN,Opera BrowserandGoogle TranslateUsing and Changing DNS are among these methods. In our content, we will convey all the methods to you in the finest detail. Please be sure to read the entire content.


Accessing Blocked Sites Without Installing VPN 

There are two different methods you can use to access banned sites without installing a VPN . The first of theseOpera browseris to use. It comes with the VPN that it automatically hosts in the Opera browser. After downloading the browser from the Opera link, install it.

  • After installing Opera Browser, click on the VPN Button at the top.
  • After clicking, activate the section on the left side of the phrase VPN Connection Lost.
  • After activating this section, you can login to banned websites without installing extra VPN.

Opera browser’s VPN speedunfortunately it’s a little low. If the current speed does not satisfy you, you can apply the methods in the rest of our content.

Method of Accessing Banned Sites 

Thanks to various proxy websites, you can easily access banned websites without changing DNS or installing any program. Below is a proxy service that you can use and that has been active for years. Thanks to this service, you can access banned websites without installing a VPN (albeit with advertisements) or without a Program.

Access to Banned Sites Site

These sites, which are also referred to as access tunnels to prohibited sites, establish a tunnel connection between the relevant sites and your computer.CroxyProxyThe website is also among the sites of access tunnels to banned sites. You can access the site you want by clicking the relevant link.

Blocked Sites Access Program 

Access to Prohibited Sites Program are programs in the VPN category.Download Proton VPNFrom the link, you can download the program to access banned sites, which works in harmony with operating systems such as Windows, Android and MAC OS. Although there are many VPN extensions that work in Chrome , these add-ons cannot match the performance of programs running on the desktop. That’s why we will introduce desktop VPN software in this content.

Login to Google  Banned or Blocked Sites 

The Google Prohibited Sites Login method is quite easy. You can easily access banned websites with Google’s service, Translate. Although this method does not work very well, if you want to access the relevant website once without surfing, you can use Google Translate.

Access Translate from the Google Translate link. After gaining access, paste the direct link of the website you want to enter into the translation field. In the above image, the explanation of the relevant method is given.


Access Blocked Sites DNS Settings Windows 11

Access to Blocked Sites DNS Settings to explain the issue of Windows 11;

  • Click the start button and search for “Settings”.
  • Select the “Network and Internet” option from the tool that appears.
  • Click on the Internet you are connected to and press the “Properties” button.
  • Select the “Network and Internet” option from the tool that appears.
  • After clicking “Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” from the “Network Connection Properties” window, manually enter the DNS addresses I have forwarded above into the relevant fields.
  • At this stage“”and“”or “”and77.88.8.1You can use DNS addresses such as

    Access-to-Blocked-Sites-DNS-Settings-to-explain-the-issue-of-Windows-11 How To Access Blocked Websites On A Computer Or Mobile Device Life
    Access to Blocked Sites DNS Settings to explain the issue of Windows 11

Access to Banned Sites with Yandex 2023

Users using the Yandex browser should use a VPN program to access banned sites. Users who do not prefer VPN programsProxyScrapeAfter clicking on the link of the website, pasting the URL in the relevant field, they can press the “GO” button.

Vpn Chrome Extension Free 2023

You can easily log in to blocked sites through Free VPN Programs . Since we think you may be more interested in free programs, we  will introduce free VPN extensions that work in Chrome, one of the most used browsers in the world , in our Vpn Chrome Extension Free content. In this content  ,   we will also answer questions such as How to Open Chrome VPN, How to Use Chrome VPN .

VPN, which means virtual private networks, is   a technical term formed by the words Virtual Private Network . VPN is used not only to access banned websites but also to protect personal data. Today, VPN services preferred by the business world are usually paid tools. On the other hand, there are many Vpn Chrome Extension Free that you can use for free in the Chrome web browser   .

What are Vpn Chrome Extension Free?

Vpn-Chrome-Extension-Free How To Access Blocked Websites On A Computer Or Mobile Device Life
Vpn Chrome Extension Free 2022

Vpn Chrome Extension  For Free; You can use Zenmate, Touch, Browsec, Hotspot VPN and Betternet VPN services.

How to Install Chrome Extension?

Click on the word Chrome Web Store to enter Chrome’s add-on store. When you type the word “VPN” in the search box at the top left, free add-ons are listed. After listing, you can list all the add-ons that provide VPN service by clicking on the “Other Extensions” section at the top right.

Zenmate – Vpn Chrome Extension Free

With the ZenMate free VPN add-on, you can protect your identity by hiding your IP address. Again, thanks to this plugin, you can easily access blocked websites. ZenMate is one of the most downloaded applications on Chrome.

Download Zenmate VPN

Touch – Vpn Chrome Extension Free

This extension, which has more than 70 thousand comments on the Chrome web store, is one of the most used add-ons in the store. Thanks to the plugin, you can remove obstacles and stay safe.

Download Touch VPN

Betternet VPN – Access Banned Sites Program

Betternet VPN program is VPN software distributed by Betternet LLC.Inc. Betternet, a free program, is only 500 KB in size and runs smoothly on all versions of the Windows operating system. Thanks to the program, you can access banned websites as well as protect your personal security by surfing anonymously.

Betternet VPN Download Link

OpenVPN – Restricted Sites Program

The OpenVPN program is among the free VPN programs, but it is a software used to access banned websites. The software also protects the data of its users to a great extent.

OpenVPN Download Link

ExpressVPN – Restricted Sites Program

The ExpressVPN program, which broadcasts with more than 2000 servers, allows users from many parts of the world to access banned websites. With this program, which has 148 locations in 94 different countries, you can access all banned websites. Program; It runs smoothly on operating systems such as Linux, Mac, iOS and Android, especially Windows.

ExpressVPN download Link


NordVPN is a software that has more than 5000 servers and can be used by 6 devices at the same time. Since the servers are located in Central America, the price of the program is much lower than other software. While the data in the program is subject to 2048 bit encryption, it also offers opportunities such as DNS leak protection, killswitch, private IP address and cryptocurrency payment.

NordVPN download link

Browsec – Vpn Chrome Extension Free

The Browsec plugin is a Russia-based plugin. You can reach speeds of up to 100 Mbit/s in this plugin, which has faster servers compared to other VPN services. In the free service; There are countries such as the Netherlands, Singapore, the USA and the UK.

Hotspot Shield – Vpn Chrome Extension Free

Hotspot company is a professional software company for VPN services. The software produced by the company in this field is among the most used software in the world. Hotspot Shield VPN service, which you can run as a Chrome extension, is used by more than 2 million active users.

With which application to enter the banned sites?

At the beginning of the applications you can use to access banned sites; Software such as ProtonVPN, NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and Betternet are coming. In addition, Opera Browser includes VPN software in itself. By using this browser, you can access banned websites programmatically.

How to open blocked sites on computer?

To open blocked websites on the computer, you should use a VPN program or cloak with proxy sites. Today, there are many VPN software that provides paid and free services. Some VPN software is designed for browsers and some for desktop.

You can search on the relevant link for Chrome Download Speed ​​Boost .

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