What Are Canadian Minimum Wages and Job Salaries in 2022?

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The Canadian minimum wage varies by province under the Canadian Constitution. Each state has a different minimum wage. Tip-intensive business areas are exempted from the minimum wage regulations and are not included in the minimum wage. The Canadian Federal Government has the constitutional authority to set minimum wages for federal government officials and individuals working only under a federal structure, such as banks, airlines, and intercity railroads.

The minimum wage in Canada varies according to the living conditions of the provinces. The minimum wage in developed and expensive states is higher than in rural areas. When the minimum wage of Turkey and Canada is compared, although the Canadian minimum wage seems to be low as a unit, it is higher than the minimum wage in Turkey in terms of value and purchasing power.

When Canada’s minimum wage is compared to the United States, there is no big difference; The average hourly wage in Canada is CAD 15, while the average hourly wage in the United States is $17. Compared to the German and Canadian minimum wage, Canada’s minimum wage is higher; While the average hourly minimum wage in Germany is 11 Euros, it is set at 15 CAD in Canada.

What is the Minimum Wage in Canada?

The minimum wage in Canada varies by province and industry. On the website of Ontario, one of Canada’s largest provinces, in 2022, it is stated that the hourly minimum wage is 15 Canadian dollars. The Canadian minimum wage is between $1,800 and $2,400 per month, ranging from $11 to $16 per hour.

How Does the Canadian Minimum Hourly Wage Vary by Province?

How-Does-the-Canadian-Minimum-Hourly-Wage-Vary-by-Province What Are Canadian Minimum Wages and Job Salaries in 2022? Economy Life
How Does the Canadian Minimum Hourly Wage Vary by Province

Canadian hourly wages are listed below by province.

State Minimum Wage (Hourly)
Alberta 15 CAD
British Columbia 15.20 CAD
Manitoba 11.95 CAD
New Brunswick 11.75 CAD
Newfoundland & Labrador 12.75 CAD
Northwest Territories 15.20 CAD
Nova Scotia 12.95 CAD
Nunavut 16 CAD
Ontario 15 CAD
Prince Edward Island 13 CAD
Quebec 13.50 CAD
Saskatchewan 11.81 CAD
Yukon 15.20 CAD

As of January 1, 2022 in Canada, the minimum wage in Ontario, one of the most densely populated provinces, and Toronto, one of the largest cities of Ontario, has been set as 15 CAD.

How Does the Minimum Wage Change According to the Years in Canada?

The change in the minimum wage by years in Canada is given in the table below.

states 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Alberta 15 CAD 15 CAD 15 CAD 15 CAD 15 CAD
British Columbia 12.65 CAD 13.85 CAD 14.60 CAD 15.20 CAD 15.20 CAD
Manitoba 11.35 CAD 11.65 CAD 11.90 CAD 11.95 CAD 11.95 CAD
New Brunswick 11.25 CAD 11.50 CAD 11.50 CAD 11.75 CAD 11.75 CAD
Newfoundland & Labrador 11.15 CAD 11.15 CAD 11.65 CAD 12.50 CAD 13.20 CAD
Northwest Territories 13.46 CAD 13.46 CAD 13.46 CAD 15.20 CAD 15.20 CAD
Nova Scotia 11 CAD 11.55 CAD 12.55 CAD 12.95 CAD 12.95 CAD
Nunavut 13 CAD 13 CAD 16 CAD 16 CAD 16 CAD
Ontario 14 CAD 14 CAD 14.25 CAD 14.35 CAD 15 CAD
Prince Edward Island 11.55 CAD 12.25 CAD 12.85 CAD 13 CAD 13.70 CAD
Quebec 12 CAD 12.50 CAD 13.10 CAD 13.50 CAD 14.25 CAD
Saskatchewan 11.06 CAD 11.32 CAD 11.45 CAD 11.81 CAD 11.81 CAD
Yukon 11.51 CAD 12.71 CAD 13.71 CAD 13.85 CAD 15.70 CAD

The Canadian minimum wage is the highest in the province of Alberta in 2018. Although the Canadian minimum wage was set to be the highest in Alberta in 2019, the Canadian minimum wage began to be paid in the highest Nunavut province in 2020. In 2021, the Canadian minimum wage was the highest in Nunavut. The highest minimum wage in 2022 is given by the province of Nunavut, as in the last 2 years.

What are Canadian Job Salaries in 2022?

Although Canadian job salaries vary in 2022, the majority of occupational groups earn the lowest wages of around CAD 2,500 per month. Doctors, engineers, psychologists, nurses and economists earn the highest wages in Canada. The lowest earning group is workers. Workers generally earn around CAD 2,400, which is the Canadian minimum wage. A doctor in Canada can earn 4,000 CAD per month. Engineers, too, especially software and IT engineers, can earn around CAD 4,100 per month.

Compared to Canada, a doctor in the United States earns the lowest $210,000 per year, surpassing Canada’s on that salary. The country with the highest earnings in the doctoral profession is the United States. In Europe, the doctor’s salary is close to 150,000 dollars per year.

What is the Canadian Doctor’s Salary?

Canadian physician salaries range from CAD 140,000 to CAD 300,000 on average per year, depending on experience and specialty. The monthly salary of a doctor who has just started his profession is around 4,500 CAD. Physician salaries vary by experience, specialty, and state of employment. He earns the lowest salary among doctors who are in the first year of his doctorate. Doctor salaries vary according to the field; The salaries of a pediatrician and an orthopedic doctor are different from each other, and paediatricians receive the lowest salaries by field.

Physician salaries also differ by state; A person practicing medicine in the state of Manitoba is paid less than a person practicing medicine in the state of Ontario.

What is the Canadian Nurse Salary?

Canadian nurse salaries start at an average of CAD 70,000 per year. The average monthly net salary varies around CAD 3,800. Nurses’ salaries can also vary by state and experience; A nurse in the state of Prince Edward Island earns a lower salary than a person who is a nurse in Quebec. At the same time, the salary of a 1-year nurse and a 10-year nurse is different from each other.

What Are Canadian Engineer Salaries?

Engineer salaries are among the highest in Canada. An engineer in Canada earns an average annual salary of CAD 80,000. The monthly net salary is at least around CAD 4,200.

As in every profession, experience, engineering field and state of employment affect the salaries in the engineering profession. A 5-year engineer earns a higher salary than a 1-year engineer. At the same time, a software engineer earns higher wages than a civil engineer. Among the provinces, engineers in the province of Ontario earn higher salaries than engineers in the province of Saskatchewan.

Canada ranks high among the highest paying countries, and being an engineer in Canada is one of the highest paying professions.

How Much Are Canadian Dentist Salaries?

Canadian dentist salaries average around CAD 70,000 to 75,000 annually; the monthly net fee starts at 3,900 CAD. In Canada, dentists’ experience, province and specialty are factors that affect their salaries. A maxillofacial surgeon working in the province of Ontario is paid higher than a pediatric dentist working in the province of Saskatchewan. At the same time, working as a dentist in Canada for many years is another factor that increases the salary.

What is Canadian Psychologist Salary?

Canadian psychologist salaries average between CAD 60,000 and 65,000 annually. The average monthly salary of a psychologist is 3,200 CAD. Psychologist salaries vary by state, specialty, and experience; A psychologist with less than 1 year experience in Canada earns about CAD 63,000 per year, while a psychologist with more than 10 years of experience can earn an average of CAD 90,000 per year. At the same time, psychologists working in the province of Quebec earn higher salaries than those working in the province of Prince Edward Island.

The profession of psychology is a highly preferred profession in Canada. The main universities to go to become a psychologist in Canada are the University of Toronto and McGill University.

What Are Canadian Paramedic Salaries?

Canadian paramedic salaries average around CAD 60,000 per year. Monthly paramedic salary can be 3,100 CAD. New paramedics earn an average of CAD 48,000 per year, while working as a paramedic in Canada for many years earns an average of CAD 82,000 per year. Paramedic salaries vary by state; Paramedics working in the province of Yukon earn higher salaries than those working in the province of Ontario.

How Much Are Canadian Workers Salaries?

Canadian workers salaries are generally the lowest. Workers in Canada mostly work for the minimum wage. Worker salaries may vary according to experience and work group; The salary of someone who has worked as a worker for 10 years and someone who has worked as a worker for 1 year is not the same. At the same time, worker wages vary according to the type of work.

In Canada, the salary of a waiter and a factory worker is different. Workers’ salaries also vary by state; This is because the minimum wages in the states differ from each other. Canada is often recruited; Since the minimum wage earned by workers in Canada is sufficient to sustain life, people from other countries also come to Canada to work as workers.

What Are Canadian Veterinarian Salaries?

The Canadian veterinarian salary is known to average CAD 100,000 per year; The average monthly veterinarian salary is determined as 8,000 CAD.

Being a veterinarian in Canada is often preferred as it provides a good income. Veterinarian salaries in Canada increase or decrease by experience and province; A veterinarian with 1 year of experience earns a lower salary than a veterinarian with 5 years of experience, while a veterinarian in New Brunswick earns less than a veterinarian in Nova Scotia.

What Are Canadian Chef Salaries?

Canadian chef salaries average around CAD 70,000 per year; monthly salary of cooks can reach up to 4,200 CAD. Cooking is one of the best paying professions in Canada. Experienced cooks earn higher salaries than inexperienced cooks.

What Are Canadian Architect Salaries?

Canadian architect salaries average CAD 120,000 per year. The monthly architect salary starts at 4,400 CAD. Architecture is an in-demand profession in Canada; Interior architecture is very popular in Canada.

Salaries for architects can vary by area of ​​specialization, state and experience; An architect of 10 years earns a higher salary than a newly graduated architect, and architects in Quebec earn higher salaries than architects in New Brunswick.

What Are Canadian Pharmacist Salaries?

The average annual salary of a Canadian pharmacist can be up to CAD 150,000; their monthly salaries vary around 10,800 CAD net. The pharmacy profession in Canada ranks high among the highest paying professions annually. In the pharmacy profession, as in other professions, there are differences in salary according to experience and state.

At the same time, in the province of Ontario, where the minimum wage is high, pharmacists receive higher salaries than other provinces.

What Are Canadian Physiotherapist Salaries?

Physiotherapist salaries in Canada average CAD 88,000 per year. Monthly physiotherapist salaries start at CAD 4,000 based on experience. The average annual salary of an entry-level physiotherapist is CAD 35,000, while an experienced physiotherapist can earn an annual salary of CAD 115,000.

There are vacancies in the physiotherapist profession in Canada; For this reason, physiotherapists are often recruited from different countries. To become a physiotherapist in Canada, the necessary training must be completed.

What Are the Top Paying Professions in Canada?

The highest paying professions in Canada are veterinary medicine, medicine and pharmacy.

Frequently asked Questions

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about working in Canada at our center.

What is the Canadian Minimum Wage?

The Canadian minimum wage corresponds to approximately 26,000 TL in February 2022.

What Is The Canadian Minimum Wage?

The Canadian minimum wage is CAD 2,400 per month, which corresponds to US$1,880 for February 2022.

Is It Possible to Live on Minimum Wage in Canada?

It is possible to live on minimum wage in Canada. Canada is among the countries with high purchasing power. A person living on the minimum wage can live without difficulty.

House rents in Canada usually range from CAD 650 to CAD 2000. The transportation fee costs 40 CAD per month for one person. A family of 2 pays an average of 500 CAD per month for grocery shopping. When all items are taken into account, it is possible to live on a minimum wage in Canada.

What are the Working Hours in Canada?

The legal working week in Canada is 40 hours; Working more than 40 hours counts as overtime.

What are the Job Opportunities in Canada?

Job opportunities are plentiful in Canada. Although Canada is among the countries with the lowest unemployment rate, it frequently recruits workers from foreign countries. Many people also go to Canada from Turkey by finding a job; It is known that Turkish citizens can easily find a job in Canada.

Working conditions in Canada are comfortable. Working 40 hours a week and more is one of the advantages of working in Canada. With the comfort of working conditions, high minimum wage and employee protection policies, Canada is preferred by many Turkish citizens to work and job opportunities are provided to Turks in Canada in the fishing, mining and industrial sectors.

How Much Is a Canadian Pension?

Canadian pension in 2021 is stated as 702.77 CAD per month on the Canadian official website. It is necessary to wait until age 65 to retire in Canada; People who retire before the age of 65 receive their pension with a 30% cut.

The occupations with the highest pensions are engineers, doctors, and military officers. A retired engineer receives an average annual pension of CAD 70,000. The working class receives the lowest pension.

What is the Canadian Unemployment Benefit?

Canada has unemployment benefits. According to the Canadian official website, the base rate for calculating unemployment benefits in Canada in 2022 is 55% of their average weekly earnings up to the maximum amount. Unemployment benefits in Canada average CAD 600 per week.

What Are Canadian Income Tax Rates?

Canadian income tax rates are listed below.

  • 15% on the first $50,197 taxable income,
  • 20.5% on next $50,195 taxable income
  • 26% on the next $55,233 of taxable income
  • 29% over the next $66,083 of taxable income
  • 33% on taxable income over $221,708

What is the Penalty for Illegal Work in Canada?

To work legally in Canada, you must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada; If these two options are not met, it is considered illegal work. Canada imposes criminal sanctions on both employers and employees for illegal work. If employers employ an illegal worker in Canada, the employer can be fined up to CAD 50,000. On the other hand, if the illegal worker knows that he is working illegally, he can be punished with imprisonment up to 2 years.

To work legally in Canada, foreign nationals must have a work permit; In order not to impose sanctions due to illegal work, it is necessary to obtain a visa and start working legally by meeting the Canadian work visa requirements.


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